Make a difference and apply your talent to solve the economic challenges and environmental impact that comes with managing the world’s finite and precious resources. The team at Ostara engages expertise in engineering, chemistry, technology, finance and sales & marketing, in our goal to provide sustainable nutrient management solutions that are as necessary as they are innovative.


Current Job Opening:

Junior Applications Engineer

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. designs, builds and sells a new generation of water treatment systems – a nutrient recovery solution that creates value from used water by recovering nutrients and transforming them into revenue-generating, environmentally-friendly commercial fertilizer. Along with helping wastewater treatment facilities reduce operating costs and meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations, Ostara’s proprietary Pearl® nutrient recovery process recovers and transforms phosphorus and nitrogen into Crystal Green®, a slow-release fertilizer that Ostara markets and sells, providing cost savings and a new stream of revenue for its customers.

The Junior Applications Engineer will be responsible for supporting Ostara’s sales department throughout the sales process, with the primary objective being to assist in the technical evaluation and development of cost-effective solutions for the Pearl and WASSTRIP® processes.

Activities will include internal sales functions such as developing proposals, preparing process design calculations, estimating costs; and field based tasks, such as managing pilot and bench scale demonstration projects at the customer site, including operating pilot equipment and collecting/analyzing plant performance and operating data (including lab work).  In addition to interaction within the sales department, the candidate will be expected to work closely with the marketing, projects, and operations departments from qualifying opportunities, to advancing opportunities through the sales pipeline, to supporting contract preparation.

The position is full time, located in Tampa (preferred) or Vancouver offices.

Season-long, Root-Activated™ Phosphorus

5-28-0 + 10%Mg

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