Companies Investing in Clean Energy Honored by Cleantech Group

Oct 15, 2013

Daily Finance

Lurking just beyond the riveting list of high-achieving new companies in the “2013 Global Cleantech 100” report released on Oct. 9 are two special mentions reserved for the organizations that are making the most substantial investments in this category.

Overall, the study, which has been compiled for the past five years by the aptly named Cleantech Group (a consulting firm based in Washington, DC), heralds the emerging industry players that are “most likely to succeed” within the next five years. The majority are innovative start-ups, arrayed in 15 categories; among them, energy efficiency, biofuels and biochemicals, conventional fuels, smart grid, transportation, and water and wastewater. This year, energy efficiency remained the fastest-growing sector in cleantech, with 27 companies on the list, up from 22 in 2012 and 19 in 2011.

While the sector remains hot and seed money continues to be available, the factors and faces behind the growth are changing: The role of venture capital firms in the cleantech expansion is dwindling, even as corporate investors with deeper pockets and an eye on product development are stepping in to take their place.

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