Edmonton facility to turn waste water into fertilizer

Sep 30, 2014

Edmonton Sun

Edmonton’s river valley may have just gotten a little greener.

EPCOR announced Tuesday that it has partnered with Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, a company out of B.C., to build Canada’s largest facility to reclaim nutrients from wastewater.

In simple terms, by 2015 the fully-functional facility will be able to take back 85 per cent of the phosphorus and 25 per cent of the nitrogen from bio-solids in their Clover Bar settling lagoons, where the process was first tested.

Those nutrients will then be recycled and sold in the form of a fertilizer called Crystal Green. According to EPCOR, the plant they are building will be able to produce at least 2,000 tonnes of the fertilizer each year.

“Ostara’s process is a green win for EPCOR, said Gavin Post, project manager for the new facility.

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