Nutrient recovery facility in Canada to be scaled up

Oct 1, 2014

WaterWorld Magazine

EPCOR Water Services and Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies have partnered to scale up one of the first nutrient recovery facilities in Canada.

Ostara’s first demonstration facility in the City of Edmonton opened in 2007. It will be upgraded using the company’s Pearl 10,000 technology to 20 times the original installation size.

The facility is expected to recover 245 tonnes of phosphorus annually from the nutrient-rich wastewater stream from the Clover Bar biosolids settling lagoons located at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. It will then be processed into 1800 tonnes of Crystal Green fertilizer.

It is hoped the process will help the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant meet increasingly stringent phosphorus discharge limits into the North Saskatchewan River.

Ostara said up to 85% of the phosphorus and 25% of the nitrogen will be recovered from the Clover Bar biosolids settling lagoons.

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