Phosphorus Recovery Demonstrated

Jun 27, 2014


A demonstration of a new technology for phosphorus recovery was held at Portage la Prairie’s wastewater treatment plant yesterday.

Kelly Braden, Director of Operations for the city, says they’re just in the piloting study stage right now, noting there are economic and technical evaluations to go through next. Braden says the province is definitely interested in treatment technologies like the one which was demonstrated, in which phosphorus is not only recovered but re-used as a fertilizer.

Ostara Regional Sales Director Rich Schici notes the province of Manitoba is putting regulations into place which require phosphorus recovery in order to keep it out of bodies of water such as Lake Winnipeg. Schici says Portage la Prairie has a 2016 deadline to retrofit its wastewater plant to meet the required limits. He adds their company takes that waste product and creates something of value, which is a fertilizer they’ve branded as “Crystal Green.”

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