Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says good environmental policy creates jobs

Jun 4, 2014

The Cap Times

By: Jessica VanEgeren

In the wake of the federal government releasing new carbon emission standards for review Monday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said Wednesday that the idea of having to choose between a strong economy and environmental protection is “a false choice.”

“In every situation, good environmental policy is identical to good economic policy. It produces jobs over the long term and protects a community’s assets,” said Kennedy, an environmental attorney and activist. “If your objective is to make a few people very wealthy, a few people billionaires by impoverishing everybody else, that’s a different measure and one that’s not consistent with our democracy.”

Kennedy’s comments followed an appearance at a Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District event to promote the completion of a $40 million addition.

The addition includes a phosphorus nutrient recovery system that will help reduce nutrient management costs, resolve costly nutrient build-up and help the district meet new, more stringent phosphorus levels in the entire Yahara Watershed by capturing phosphorus in the dirty sewerage water and creating fertilizer pellets.

The district is the seventh plant to use Canadian-based Ostara’s technology. Kennedy is an Ostara board member.

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