Manure Management


Animal manure is a valuable source of nutrients and renewable energy, but can lead to nutrient buildup in soil when land applied, running off into local waterways.  Manure management can also cause costly operational issues, not to mention digestate handling and regulatory challenges.

The New Sustainable Standard

Ostara’s nutrient recovery technology helps solve these challenges, removing phosphorus to create a sustainable fertilizer that also simplifies digestate management through improved nutrient balance. Plus, we partner with you, providing revenue for every ton of recovered fertilizer you produce.


  • Optimize operations of digestion and solids handling processes 
  • Reduce P in digestate solids and liquids, proactively meeting regulations for land-applied phosphorus 
  • Sustainably recover phosphorus for reuse as high-value granular fertilizer, cost effectively transported for low phosphorus soils 
  • Create an additional revenue stream with our fertilizer off-take program 

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