Season-long, Root-Activated™ Phosphorus

5-28-0 with 10%Mg


Crystal Green® represents a true innovation in the fertilizer sector due to its unique mode of action. Unlike conventional phosphate fertilizers, which release nutrients upon watering or irrigation, Crystal Green releases nutrients in direct response to root demand and minimizes issues of tie-up, leaching or runoff and provides a steady source of phosphorus (along with nitrogen and magnesium) throughout the entire season.



Phosphorus from Crystal Green® optimizes crop performance by providing plants with a more effective and efficient source of nutrients than conventional phosphate fertilizers. Naturally continuous-release and plant-available, Crystal Green meets phosphorus demand from planting to harvest using Root-Activated™ nutrient release. As a multi-nutrient source (5-28-0 with 10%Mg), Crystal Green also provides nitrogen and magnesium for optimized uptake efficiency.


Crystal Green promotes vibrant turf that withstands the stress and wear and tear of daily use for season-to-season health by:

  • Rapid spring green-up
  • Deeper roots and increased root mass
  • Improved recovery and regeneration
  • Reduced runoff and nutrient loss


With Crystal Green, growers may reduce their overall phosphorus application rates. Because of Crystal Green’s Root-Activated mode of action, the risk of leaching and runoff to the environment is significantly reduced, and it becomes a valuable tool for growers to lower their phosphorus footprint.

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